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Traveller 2012

The Australian Financial Review
November 30 - December 2, 2012

By Jason Murphy

Download the PDF here (1,377KB)

Name: Lance Chu

Position: Co-Director, SC Land

First, business or economy: Singapore Airlines business class. It offers the best service from ground to air.

Most frequented destination: Changi T3. Arriving and departing is hushed and calm experience that contrasts with most of the world’s airport terminals.

If I ran my own airline I would… Have honest “air miles” that reward loyalty but allow you to redeem for a reasonable number of points and not feel taken advantage of.

Worst place you’ve been lost: I’m never lost because I was a taxi driver in my former life.

What’s in the suitcase: Spare room for my wife’s shopping.

Spare afternoon in a strange city: Looking through a camera and trying to capture the first felt excitement and intensity of a new place.

Best overseas dining: Per Se (NYC), Matsuhisa (Aspen, Colorado), Andre (Singapore), “1947” Cheval Blanc (Courcheval, France), Gordon Ramsay (London).

Technology: When it comes to technology at a minimum I must travel with an iPhone, iPad, and my pocket camera (Canon S95). Any more requires too many power cords.

Favourite shopping: Nishiki Market (Kyoto), Grand Bazaar (Istanbul), Rodeo Drive (Los Angeles), Cat Street (Hong Kong).

Travel tips: Ask for a change if your room is not up to expectations. Good hotels will give you an upgrade.

Best travelling tale: We went on a week-long diving trip to Belize and the “Blue Hole” made famous by Jacques Cousteau in the 1960’s. The captain of our dive boat was a mild-mannered man in his 50’s with ice-blue eyes, who spoke little and slowly. Being the captain of the boat, he was oddly relaxed yet intense at the same time. We discovered that he was a CIA sniper assassin in the Vietnam War. I was floored. It was my first glimpse of a personality required for a secret agent and assassin made not from the movies, but from something far more deceptive, yet ordinary.

Best thing about travelling: Imagining yourself living an alternative life for a few days, living how a local might live, eating the foods that locals might eat.

Top travel gripe: Early morning arrivals, impatient front-desk staff, NYC taxis (why can’t they be better?), ageing infrastructure and uninspiring airports.


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