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The future is here for you to inspect

Domain, The Sunday Age
18 July 2010

By Chris Vedelago

Home visit: Melbourne Open House Day
From community housing to urban villages, the way we live is changing rapidly.

This year's Melbourne Open House is set to be bigger than ever, with more than 60 buildings being thrown open to the public on July 24 and 25. And, for the first time in its three year history, MOH will also display five residential buildings.

This is the public's first - possibly only - chance to get an insight into some of the latest and most ambitious residential developments in the city, from ground breaking community housing to initiatives and industrial-chic townhouses, to high-density urban "villages".

"Every day people talk about how housing is this city is changing, but when do they get the chance to see inside medium or high-rise developments?" MOH spokesman Robert Larocca said.

"This gives people the opportunity to move away from the normal 'high density is bad' equation and understand it for what it is - the future of housing in this city. In doing so, we want to show them some examples of how it can be good, even great, and how good design can improve its future."

Domain goes behind the scenes of the residences.

8 Lord Street Richmond

Developer - SC Land
Architect - Jackson Clements Burrows

Hue has won a long list of major design, architecture and development awards, many of which trumpet its boutique approach to high-density living.

The cedar facade of the five-storey building. which is dotted with various-sized porthole windows, conceals 28 apartments and townhouse-style units that are, in some way, unique. The apartment contains glass-enclosed winter gardens with louvres that allow residents to control the flow of air through the apartments, nearly all of which have a northern aspect letting in plenty of natural light.

The tour includes a visit to a two-storey, two-bedroom apartment and the building's distinctive internal staircase. As a bonus, representatives of the architect, Jackson Clements Burrows, will be on hand for a brief presentation and Q&A session on the building.

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